Gut Alignment Program

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The Gut Alignment Program is an effective approach to help people heal their gut, balance their microbriome (gut flora), eliminate their inflammatory foods(food sensitivities), avoid/lessen toxin exposure, and de-stress their mind. 

This program has 4 components: CLEAR, RESTORE, BALANCE and REGENERATE. This program can be followed by most. However, the specifics of the protocol need to be individually tailored in order to get the best results. No two protocols are ever the same because no two people are the same.  The length of time for the program, specific foods/diet, testing measures, natural treatment and  supplementation can vary widely between individuals.

Below is a brief overview of the 4 components:

1. Cleanse your diet, gut and mind.

This is one of the most important steps. #1 needs to ALWAYS be addressed FIRST in order for the following 3 steps to be effective. I recommend all patients do a food IgG test and eliminate their specific food intolerances that trigger inflammation. I also clear their gut of any unwanted bad bugs (unfriendly bacteria, yeast, or parasites). Eliminating/lessening their toxin exposure is also part of this step since toxins destroy the gut lining. In addition to addressing all the physical areas that effect gut health, addressing stress is imperative. Chronic stress really takes a toll on your gut because it adds fuel to the fire, in terms of inflammation.  Helping patients establish a stress management regime is key, not just for healing their gut, but for overall well-being, happiness and fulfillment.

2. Restore with the right stuff.

The word “restore” reflects how we are supporting a depleted digestive system. You reactivate it by restoring key nutrients, whether it be through herbs, acupuncture, IV therapy, natural foods and/or supplementation.

3. Balance your bacteria.

It’s all about the microbiome. Your gut bacteria are your internal “army.” After long term damage, the good guys are usually depleted. We need to reintroduce beneficial bacteria so that your gut flora has enough of the good guys to protect you from bad bugs(yeast, bacteria, parasites), help support digestive function and keep your immune system in check.

4. Regenerate your gut

The final step is designed to heal the intestinal lining from the damages caused by chronic infections, food intolerances, stress and  toxins. In order to do this, I may recommend healing foods, acupuncture, herbal remedies and/or supplementation to heal the gut lining for long term health.

Ready to heal your gut & feel the way you want to feel?